Buyer’s Guide to Processing Automation: Measuring Team Productivity

In December 2021, we published two articles describing some lessons we’ve learned in the 5 years of automating data processing in Nuix:  Buyers Guide I: From Okay to Awesome  Buyers Guide II: Advanced Features   To complete the series, we want to explore the different ways our clients … Read More

Buyer’s Guide to Processing Automation : Getting More with Advanced Features:

Two weeks ago, we introduced this series with a focus on functionality that distinguishes “Okay” automation from “Awesome” automation.  This week, we wanted to go one step further, focusing on advanced features that can help teams get more from their automation and administration … Read More

From Okay to Awesome: A Buyer’s Guide to Processing Automation

The market for processing automation tools is heating up – growing volumes, pressure to support new use cases, importance of data quality to analytics, and the hyper-tight labor market all make automation an essential and high return investments.   Rampiva has been … Read More