Four Uses of Cross-Case Analytics

  One of the most exciting areas for new learnings and innovation is leveraging Rampiva to create a centralized repository of metadata about Nuix Case Items. This allows teams to gain insights that have previously been unavailable. As data processing … Read More

3 Ways to Use External Databases to Enhance Nuix

The Nuix Engine really is a Swiss Army Knife.  It can be used as a stand-alone investigation platform by a single investigator, or it can be injected into a massively scaled and completely automated data processing pipeline.  A very common activity is to enhance Nuix by … Read More

4 More Uses of Cross-Case Analytics

In our previous post 3 Ways Clients Use Rampiva Automate Dashboards we identified the most common ways teams were using metrics from Rampiva Automate to improve their reporting and operations. Those were sort of table stakes—aggregating processing reports across Cases, billing and … Read More

3 Ways Clients Use Rampiva Automate Dashboards

One of our favorite aspects of Rampiva Automate is that it maintains a real-time database of operational metrics across all Nuix Cases. These metrics are a rich source of new information and intelligence.  Right now, most teams will track essential metrics through Excel outputs from Cases, and they may consolidate those reports into a single location. These reports … Read More