Rampiva 302: Rampiva Connector to Nuix ECC

In 301 of our Rampiva 300 Series, we explored the impact of leveraging the Legal Hold Notification function in Rampiva Automate’s new Corporate Edition.  One of the most important aspects is the ability to automatically trigger forensic collections through Nuix … Read More

Five Tricks for Analyzing Data with Rampiva Baseline

Rampiva Baseline is a combination of three moving parts:  The product, which allows you to gather operational data from Nuix Cases in your environment;  The data, which can tell a great story about how your data processing activity;  The dashboards … Read More

Rampiva 301: Legal Hold Notifications

The launch of Rampiva Automate – Corporate Edition looks to the left of the EDRM at the Notification, Preservation, Collection and Early Case Analysis stages of eDiscovery. This shift is designed to help teams get data staged and ready for … Read More

Designing Rampiva Workflows that Scale

Scale your Rampiva workflows. In this blog post, we describe how you can design workflows within Rampiva that are scalable. Read on to learn more. … Read More

Rampiva 202: Advanced Scheduling with Rampiva Automate—Premium Edition

The start of data processing activity is a critical transition point. For many teams, it’s a high-friction bottleneck that creates delays, introduces the potential for burdensome mistakes, and requires constant monitoring.  Rampiva Automate – Premium Edition introduces several features that are designed to … Read More

Rampiva 111: Notifications

Rampiva Automate is designed to help teams increase productivity—and, we see it in the results. Clients have increased volume processed by 2-4X, accelerated speed-to-review, and overall increased the number of data processing sessions that are run in a day.  A consequence of that … Read More

Rampiva 110: Workflow Wizard

Data processing should be more accessible.  There just aren’t enough experts for all the work that needs to be done.  And, it’s important—data quality matters.  Much of our product focuses on the backend administration of licensing and compute resources to help keep the … Read More

Modern Tools for the Modern Project Manager

The phrase “scientia potentia est”—commonly attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, who was an English philosopher living during the 15th Century—is a Latin phrase meaning “knowledge is power.”  This is certainly true in eDiscovery, digital forensics and information governance projects, where the more knowledge and information … Read More

Rampiva 108: Accelerating Nuix DeDuplication

The Nuix engine is the industry-leading tool for processing data—particularly for very large projects.   Their approach allows teams to create—and add data to—databases with tens of millions of items. Or, teams can maintain many smaller databases and then compound them … Read More

Rampiva 107: Direct-to-Review Exports

An immediate priority for most eDiscovery teams is to get data into review platforms as quickly as possible. There are three areas where Rampiva Automate helps make that happen: Proprietary Rampiva Connectors to Relativity On-Premise, Relativity One, Nuix Discover On-Premise, … Read More