Rampiva 103: Workflow Libraries for Flexibility

These Libraries are a critical piece of Rampiva Automate’s value proposition—flexibility.  Electronic discovery is a complex industry, and most cases and clients are different than the last. Rampiva Automate’s Library function allows teams to easily maintain a variety of workflows

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Rampiva 102: Building a Job Queue

In our Rampiva 101 blog post, we shared how you can use workflow templates to gain control. Rampiva also delivers the ability to build and manage a Job Queue providing you more control. This web-based platform allows clients to streamline their

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Rampiva 101: Using Workflow Templates to Gain Control

Rampiva Automate provides users with ready-made Workflow templates that are easy to customize. These templates provide teams with granular control over each Nuix processing steps. From settings and filters to naming conventions and activity outside of Nuix—Rampiva puts your best

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Harnessing the Value of Data

A note from Daniel Boteanu Data is the most valuable thing that humans produce and everything in the physical world is empowered by data, from weather forecasts to medical advances, social interactions, and modern finances. Our success as a society

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